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Angela Budd, Love & Lead

**Photo missing my elderst son. 

Hi, My name is Angela Budd owner/creator of

Love & Lead. 

   I spent majority of life living in the country. I was raised on a small farm near Bluffton, Alberta.  We raised pigs, chickens and cattle.  I was also a member of 4-H programs for many years. I come from a family of crafters. My grandmothers on both sides of my parents were very creative, my mother and my sister as well. 

   Now living in Vimy, Ab and raising my own children the crafting continues.  All of my boys have expressed themselves creatively with our crafting time.  I have watched many entertaining puppet shows with popsicle sticks  with googly eyes to foam building mine craft accessories to use with Lego and whatever else the imagination came up with.  My husband also has his own version of crafting including woodworking, bushcraft and along side me doing the dirty work of cutting the bullets and creating my antler pieces.


So why Love & Lead?

I created Love & Lead because I was never able to find jewelry to my taste.  Nothing that was quite me. I'm an outdoors girl who hunts, fishes, hikes and works on vehicles. I wanted jewelry that reflected me and suitable for everyday wear. So here we are, bringing you a little of all the stuff I love with a little bit of lead (well the brass that holds the lead, because well I can't use the actual lead)


Hope you enjoy!  Feel free to send me requests for custom pieces, or if you have any questions. 

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