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Naturally shed antler burr with glass mushroom. Tribute to foragers in nature mushroom hunting, berry collectors and antler shed.

Pendant hangs on a leather cordage necklace in brown.

*mushroom pictured is not specific to any mushroom found in Alberta. Please use caution and be well educated before eating mushrooms. 🍄

Mushroom forager



    CARING FOR YOUR RING & Antler jewelry

    Our Antler rings & jewelry are made from naturally shed antlers and should be treated with precise care. They are water resilient as they are sealed with a resin coating although water can still cause damage.  We suggest the following care to ensure long lasting quality.

    • Remove when using strong chemicals and other abrasive substances

    • Remove for all water activities  such as: bathing, swimming, or dishwashing

    • Remove when doing anything that may cause damage including physical labor or heavy lifting like wearing at work.

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